MPSF Seeds Determined This Week

Jake Arnitz, UCLA
April 3, 2017

MPSF Men's Volleyball Release 13

LONG BEACH STATE (15-2 MPSF/23-3 Overall) won 3-0 at home over Concordia (Mar. 31). The 49ers will attempt to run the table at home this year as CSUN visits Saturday (Apr. 8). LBSU can lock in the No. 1 seed in the MPSF Tournament with a win in that match---or---a BYU loss in either of the two previous nights at UCSB (Apr. 6-7). Long Beach State holds the potential tiebreaker over BYU (1-1 head-to-head matches, 5-3 sets).

BYU (14-2 MPSF/21-3 Overall) completes its regular season with two MPSF matches at UCSB, Thursday and Friday (Apr. 6-7). BYU will be no worse than a two seed in the MPSF Tournament, and would be elevated to No. 1 with two wins and a CSUN win at Long Beach State. BYU holds a tiebreaker over Hawaii (2-0 matches).

HAWAII (12-4 MPSF/22-4 Overall) travels to UCLA for two conference matches (Apr. 7-8), where a split guarantees MPSF Quarterfinal home court for the Warriors. UH can also secure a top-four seed and a home playoff match with one loss by UC Irvine. UH will be seeded third, fourth, or fifth in the MPSF Tournament. Hawaii holds a two-way tie over UC Irvine (1-0 matches).

UC IRVINE (11-5 MPSF/17-6 Overall) won a four-set MPSF road contest at Stanford last Friday (Mar. 31). UCI will be a three, four, or five seed in the MPSF Tournament. The Anteaters can lock up a top-four seed and quarterfinal home court with two wins at home this week over Stanford (Apr. 7) and Pepperdine (Apr. 8). Should UCI lose once, it would then need UCLA to lose at least once to Hawaii to play at home in the quarters. UCI does not hold any possible two or three-way tiebreakers.

UCLA (10-6 MPSF/17-7 Overall) won in straight sets at USC (Mar. 29) and in five at Cal Baptist (Apr. 1). UCLA hosts Hawaii Friday (Apr. 7, 5 pm, Pac-12 Networks) and Saturday (Apr. 8), where two wins keep the Bruins in Westwood for the MPSF Quarterfinals as at least the four seed. UCLA can also gain the three seed with two wins over UH and at least one UCI loss this week. UCLA holds a two-way tie over UC Irvine (5-3 sets), and in the event of two wins over Hawaii, would also hold the two-way over UH and a potential three-way over UH and UCI (3-1 matches against the group).

PEPPERDINE (7-9 MPSF/9-10 Overall) won a 3-0 home match over UC San Diego last Thursday (Mar. 30), and clinched an MPSF Tournament bid the next night when UCSB lost. The Waves visit UCSD (Apr. 7) and UC Irvine (Apr. 8). Pepperdine holds two-way ties over UCSB (1-0 matches) and Stanford (187-173 points), and is No. 1 in line for the highest seed in all potential three or four-way tiebreakers involving those teams along with USC (though USC holds a two-way tie over Pep, 213-206 points). In a three-way with Stanford and USC, Pep wins on 393-386 collective points vs. the group (each team is 2-2 matches and has same percentage of sets won in the group). In a three-way with Stanford and UCSB, Pep is 2-1 matches vs. group, and wins on 187-173 points over Stanford….in a three-way vs. USC and UCSB, Pep wins due to 2-1 in matches vs. group.…In a four-way vs. USC, UCSB, and Stanford, Pep is 3-2 in matches vs. group, and wins on points over Stanford.

STANFORD (7-9 MPSF/12-11 Overall) clinched an MPSF Tourney spot with its win over UCSD (Apr. 1), and visits UCI (Apr. 7) and UCSD (Apr. 8) this week. Stanford holds a two-way tie over UCSB (1-0 matches) and USC (137-131 points). In a three-way with Pepperdine and USC, Stanford is No. 2 in line for the highest seed. Stanford loses out to Pepperdine on points vs. the group (310-318), but the tiebreaker then reverts back to head-to-head for the remaining tied teams, which Stanford has over USC (1-1 head-on matches, 3-3 sets, 137-131 head-to-head points).

USC (6-10 MPSF/12-13 Overall) won a straight-set home match over UCSB last Friday (Mar. 31), a crucial step towards making an MPSF Tournament appearance. The Trojans have a two-match home and away series with Cal Baptist this week (Apr. 6-home, 7 pm Pac-12 Networks; Apr. 8-away), where they would punch the tournament’s eighth and final ticket with one win. If USC loses both this week, it needs a CSUN loss at LBSU and at least one UCSB loss to BYU to reach the tourney. USC holds a two-way tie over UCSB (5-3 sets), but would be out in the event of six wins apiece for USC, UCSB and CSUN….as for potential ties with teams above USC entering the week, the Trojans hold a two-way tie over Pepperdine (213-206 head-to-head points), but are third in line in the event of a tie with BOTH Stanford and Pepperdine.

UC SANTA BARBARA (5-11 MPSF/10-14 Overall) plays its final two regular season matches at home Thursday and Friday (Apr. 6-7) against BYU. There are two scenarios which can put UCSB in the MPSF Tournament----two wins over BYU coupled with two USC losses to Cal Baptist—or---one win vs. BYU, two USC losses, and a CSUN win at LBSU. UCSB holds a three-way tie over CSUN and USC (2-1 matches vs. the group).

CSUN (5-12 MPSF/12-14 Overall) closes the regular season at Long Beach State Saturday (Apr. 8). To reach the MPSF Tournament, CSUN needs to win that match, and have Cal Baptist win twice over USC and BYU win twice over UCSB. CSUN holds a two-way tie over USC (1-1 head-to-head matches, 5-3 sets).

CAL BAPTIST (2-14 MPSF/7-19 Overall) won a five-set home match over UCSB last Thursday (Mar. 30) in stunning fashion. After heavily dropping the first two sets, the Lancers proceeded to win the next three, including a 27-25 fifth frame. That result was the second-longest set in MPSF history, only behind a 28-26 outcome in 2008 between BYU and UCI. CBU closes its MPSF schedule against USC twice this week (Apr. 6-away, Apr. 8-home), before hosting UCSD in non-conference on Apr. 12.

UC SAN DIEGO (3-13 MPSF/7-17 Overall) closes its MPSF and home schedule with Pepperdine (Apr. 7) and Stanford (Apr. 8). The Tritons will also play a non-conference match at Cal Baptist on Apr. 12 to wrap the season.